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In partnership with leading Brand names Midland has been delivering world class products for almost twenty years to government and private projects throughout the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries.

The Products we supply come in a range of designs, materials and sizes to meet End User specifications for control and management of water - the world's most precious resource.Our valves and fittings provide control on major water transmission lines, house connection services, irrigation pipelines for cities, parks and sports facilities, reservoirs and dams, as well as treatment plants for both water and wastewater.

From a solar hot water system at the iconic Burj Khalifa to penstocks in discreetly hidden sewerage pumping stations, from a stormwater retention system at Discovery Gardens to high pressure strainers in Al Ain's water distribution complex, Midland's products silently perform their duties year after year.

We assist in Product selection, technical approvals by End Users, and supervision of installation if requested; overall providing the highest possible level of technical support available, from enquiry to warranty, and often beyond, for all of which Midland has become justifiably renowned over the last two decades.


Access chambers and ducting systems

Network access chamber and ducting systems are used in the construction of infrastructure networks for rail, telecoms, water, construction and power markets.


Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings – FBE Coated

A full range of ductile iron pipe fittings, flanged, socket and spigot ended. Protection by fusion bonded epoxy coating, blue, 300µm.

Good quality, lost foam foundry and at competitive prices. Possible to ship quickly and with 3rd party inspected documentation.

Pipe Joints

For connecting plain-ended pipes and to make flange connections. Also for easy installation and removal of heavy valves/equipment.

Flange Adaptors

Flange adaptors are perfect for converting plain ended pipes to flanged end, thus enabling connection to pumps, valves etc. An added advantage is that slight misalignment between pipe and equipment can be overcome, depending on size, pressure or pipe material.

Dismantling Joint

Constituted from flange adaptors together with a flange spigot and tie rods. This product is purpose-built for easy installation and removal of heavy valves and equipments.

Coupling Joints

Couplings offer the same feature of accommodating misalignment, but between two plain-ended pipes. Special couplings also permit connection between different pipe materials and different (OD) sizes.

All above items are available in size range DN50-DN5000, PN10- PN64, higher pressures are size-dependent.

Ductile Iron Pipes

Ductile Iron Pipes cover the size range from DN 80 to DN 1000, with a standard length of 5.5 meters and 6 meters. The product conforms to both Indian Standard IS:8329 and International Standards ISO:2531 and BSEN545 and BSEN598 accredited with ISO 9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO 14001 certifications enabling to cater to the global markets

Equipment & Tooling for PE Pipes

Core products include GPS Tracked Automated Butt Fusion machines and Electrofusion equipment, Under-pressure drilling equipment, PE Squeeze off tools and equipment, Pipe Cutting equipment and various solutions for Flow Stopping. More recently we have expanded our portfolio with ranges of specialist Valves and Drilling Saddles.

Compensators - Rubber and Stainless Steel

For water, waste water, chilled water & many other services, to permit pipelines “flex” a bit. Metallic pipes expand and contract when the ambient (or service) temperatures vary and non-metallic pipes (which may be buried) will move with ground settlement etc. Where probable movement can be envisaged the values are designed by a compensator which can flex, thus avoiding undue pipeline damage. Interesting applications are reservoir inlet/outlet connections, pump connections, differing flange standards either end, axial or angular offset of new to old pipelines. Sizes from DN50 to DN5000 and pressures of PN6 to PN25 on rubber, but the larger sizes would be lower pressure capability.. Higher pressures and temperatures in 316SS.

High End Plastic Valves, PVDF, GRPP, etc.

In PVDF, PP, GRPP, CPVC bodies with EPDM or VITON elastomer. Meant for low pressure (maximum of 10 bar only) and temperature (pressure capability reduces when temperatures rises) applications, but can handle highly corrosive media, say sulphuric acid lines.

On high corrosion applications at low pressures these high-end thermoplastic valves can achieve considerable savings to customer, instead of going with exotic metals like Nickel Aluminum Bronze or Monel or Duplex Stainless Steel.

Lifting Tools for Manhole Covers

Safe and Universal tools which allow to lift all types of Manhole Covers including Covers partially concreted. 

This handling equipment is designed for all workers in the dry and wet networks. The advantages of Liftplaq handling equipment designed with the user input and support of health-related institutions, it offers advantages for all professionals: 

-Ergonomics : straight back, bent legs;

-Security : no contact with hands / plate;

-Versatility : all covers and plates;

-Mobility : easy movement;

-Handling : reduces stress by threefold;

-Storage : minimum space required;

-Subsidies : aid agreement with your prevention organizations.

With Liftplaq handling equipment, work safely!


Similar to a valve which fits onto a pipeline flange – penstocks fit onto walls, channels, chamber etc. Various materials of construction can be used, but the most popular one is 316 SS, as designed and fabricated to meet individual customer requirements. The largest Midland has sold is 2400x2400 with 12m head, installed in Dubai. Larger one 2800 x 2800 is sold (not yet installed) to STEP and even larger units are operational elsewhere. Ability to make 4000mm with HydroGate.

Repair Couplings

Main focus is in 316L body units which are normally on 2 weeks manufacturing lead. Due to prompt delivery these find major acceptance on site repair works / marine / shut-down works etc.

Axi-Flex /Stepped Couplings will connect similar or dissimilar pipes, same of differing OD and the wrap-a-round Repair Couplings find favour with end-user like DEWA, ADWEA, EMICOOL, EMPOWER etc. in situation where they experience pipeline cracks and associated leakages.

Sizes from DN50 to DN4000 but as the size goes up the pressure capability decreases.

HDPE Spacers

For road-crossing where the fluid carrying pipe cannot be buried directly. The movement of heavy vehicles will transfer impact loads and can damage pipeline with leaking water or gas etc. In all such cases, the carrier pipe is inserted into a sleeve pipe. The RACI spacers allow the carrier pipe to be easily pulled into the existing sleeve pipe and the traffic loads do not reach the main service pipelines. Small size carrier pipes DN50 to very large DN3000


Fitted in pipelines to “strain” liquids of any debris or particles. Various materials of construction and coarse to very fine filtering / straining is feasible. 316 SS is most popular as screen. Body can be bronze, DI, carbon steel, SS or plastics.

We focus on DI BASKET Strainers with 316SS screen of 3mm perforations. This is installed upstream of every control valve or flow meter to protect the equipment from flowing debris impact and associated damages. Basket strainer focus is on DN 80 to DN1200 PN10/PN16.

CONE Strainers in 316L can be fabricated to any size and to fit any flange standard.

Butterfly Valves

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Heavy-duty double flanged, from DN150→DN2000 with ratings of PN10, PN16 & also up to DN1600 PN25 . The configuration of disc eccentricity assures leak-proof sealing to full pressure, duty and long lasting performance.

Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

Heavy-duty double flanged, with duplex stainless steel disc and shaft find favours with water authorities. From DN50 to DN 2000, PN16

Gate Valves

Gate valves can either be resilient seated or metal seated. There are many variations of (i) design (ii) end connections (iii) pressure / size range (iv) application

Gate valves are meant to be used either fully open or fully closed. Resilient seated gate valves DN 50 to DN300 are available from stock. And larger sizes uto DN600 on order.

Metal Seated Gate Valves, both rising stem and non-rising stem, in sizes DN 50 to DN1800, PN10 & PN16. Favoured on sewage and drainage lines. We have track records over 10 years, on these products.

Check Valves

Check valves can also be either resilient seated or metal seated. There are (again) many variations of (i) design (ii) end connections (iii) pressure / size range (iv) application

Metal Seated Swing Check (non-return) Valves also find on sewage, drainage and irrigation lines.

Every pump (or a multi-pump set) will have a check valve on its discharge side and a gate (or butterfly) valve on suction side.

Needle Valves

High end product specifically customized to suit flow parameter of a given system and engineered to limit (or avoid) cavitation in pipelines.

These can be used for open-end discharge, high ratio of inlet to outlet pressure reduction etc. Sizes from DN100 to DN1400 and Pressures of PN16 up to DN900 PN25.

Automatic Control Valves

Simpler control valves meant for normal applications of pressure reduction and pressure maintenance on priority lines, tank or reservoir level control and various other project-specific features. Sizes from DN100 to DN700 and Pressures of PN16 & PN25.

Eccentric Plug Valves

Critically acclaimed for raw sewage lines, for shut off service. Eccentricity of the plug (and its turning away from the flow path) is a great feature in allowing (sewerage) solids to pass freely. Sizes and Pressures. Sizes 3” (DN80) to 48” (DN1200) and Pressures of PN10, PN16. Smaller sizes up to DN300 can also be rated PN25

Knife Gate Valves

Uni-directional and Bi-directional valves and (as the name suggests) blade that can slice through thick slurry or pulp etc. Sizes and Pressures. Sizes 2” (DN50) to 96” (DN2400) and Pressures of 10 to 16 bar, depending on size & application.

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