Cubis Systems

Cubis is Europe’s leading manufacturer of network access chamber and ducting systems, used in the construction of infrastructure networks for rail, telecoms, water, construction and power markets.

Cubis has developed an innovative approach in an old-fashioned industry. This has been achieved by developing quality products which replace traditional construction materials, like bricks and concrete, with lightweight plastics incorporating intelligent design features. These can then be installed faster and ultimately save our customers both time and money.

Cubis manufactures preformed network access chamber systems STAKKAbox™, AX-S™ access covers, MULTIduct™ multiple duct system and RAILduct™ cable trough at its manufacturing sites throughout the UK and Ireland these products are exported to more than 25 countries throughout the World.

At Cubis we pride ourselves on delivering technical customer support, new innovation, product quality and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Part of the Fluid Handling Group within Crane Co., now with a market capitalisation in excess of $2bn, providing a range of innovative pipe fittings and couplings across multiple industries.


Automated Butt Fusion machines with embedded GPS for precise weld location stored with each joint record.

Electrofusion Equipment

Aligning Clamps

Under-Pressure drilling equipment

PE Squeeze off tools and equipment

Pipe Cutting equipment

Flow Stopping

Drilling Saddles


Kaysafe Engineering Limited was established in 1986 and is now one of the leading suppliers of Pipeline Strainers


 Liftplaq®  - Is a company specializing in magnet based handling solutions and presents handling equipment for safely handling road networks, construction and telecom plates and manhole covers.

Safe and Universal tools which allow to lift all types of Manhole Covers including Covers partially concreted. Composed of a mechanical assembly, it is fitted with a powerful magnet for firmly gripping telecom plates and manhole covers. Basically, the main tool consists of a system, equipped with a articulated lever fitted with a powerful magnet, allowing street manhole covers to be moved without touching them and thus reducing the hardship by three.

There are additional options to complete the tool: Big wheels, Chains kit for concrete Plates, Wheel extensions.

Ergonomic device has option for Mini tool which handles any small size street manhole covers and plugs designed for professionals of dry and wet networks. There is no need for maintenance and is not submitted to any checks.


Established 1857 and now North America's largest and only full-line supplier of potable Water Distribution Products which are used throughout the water system from source to customer

Pan Asian

Pan Asian Water Solutions Limited specialise in Ductile iron Pipes and Fittings supply business for water and waste water industry since 2005.

Pan Asian Water Solutions Limited’s employees are engineers so that we ensure all products offer meet the client specification. 

We perform regular audit on our OEM manufacturers and pre-shipment inspection to provide assurance to our customer of the consistent quality of DI fittings supplied by us.

Premier Valves

Premier Valves has been manufacturing and supplying a broad range of valve products for more than 50 years. In 2014, AVK; one of the largest valve manufacturing groups in the world acquired Premier Valves and has made a substantial investment in expanding and upgrading the Premier Valves factory  and  office building to a very modern facility- incorporating an in-house training Academy - and a central distribution centre all on a 46,000m2 site. Premier Valves’ range of manufactured products includes five core valve types for the Water Industry, including Metal seated wedge gate valves up to DN1800, in both Rising or Non-Rising configurations and in pressure ratings up to PN64; Resilient sealing eccentric design and rubber lined concentric design butterfly valves up to DN3000, and in pressure ratings up to PN40 for the eccentric design and PN16 for the concentric design; Multi-door reflux valves up to DN1800 and up to PN64;

 Fabricated Stainless Steel Sleeve (Jet Dispersal/Fixed Cone) valves up to DN2500 and up to PN60; and Baker (Diaphragm) Control valves in sizes up to DN600 and pressures up to PN50.

 In addition, Premier Valves has an experienced in-house technical team and an on-site Pattern shop. This means it retains a high degree of flexibility with regards to being able to offer low volume ‘special’ valves that are derived from its standard products but adapted to meet individual customer requirements.


Raci has patented in 1975 the casing spacers, an innovative modular system, able to preserve the carrier pipes’ isolation and grant relevant mechanical protection, in case they are placed into protection pipes (cased crossings). A state of art system for reliability and modularity, made entirely of plastic (high density polyethylene) and with no metal parts, which Raci has been successfully exporting around the world.

Rashmi Metaliks

Rashmi Group is one of the fastest growing Business Conglomerates and  pioneer in manufacturing of integrated Iron & Steel Products, Cement, Power and Ferro Alloys. Its products and services range from DI Pipes, TMT Bars, Pig Iron, Wire Rods, MS Billets, Sponge Iron, Sinter, Ferro Alloys.

Rashmi Group has 1.20 MTPA State-Of-Art Integrated Steel manufacturing facility comprises of viz., Pellet, Sinter, Pig iron, Sponge Iron, Ductile Iron Pipe, Billet, TMT & Wire Rod.

One of the core elements that have made Rashmi Group experience  phenomenal growth is the supreme quality of its products and services. More the 50 years of state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled manpower.


Based in the south of France and specialising in high-end thermoplastic valves.

Safi develop ranges of corrosion resistant thermoplastic valves, specifically designed for industrial applications.

Safi developed rapidly within 50 years and has over 140 employees in 6 countries (France, UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Chile), as well as a vast network of distributors and commercial agents.


Established in 1977, Super Iron Foundry is one of the oldest manufacturers of municipal castings in India.

We are an ISO 9001:2008, 14001 :2004,18001 :2007 certified company. We are also a Star Export House recognized by the Government of India.

Our products made from Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Fabricated Steel, are in great demand in waterworks and municipal works. SIF products are recog11ized and widely accepted worldwide. Our presence in the global market of municipal products for over 3 decades has given us a strong customer base in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

We manufacture according to all international standards viz. ASTM, EN124, DIN, BS and AS. We have an installed capacity of 24,000 MT per year.

Our product range includes - Manhole Covers and Frame, Manhole Extension Rings, Catch Basin Frame and Grates, Step, Iron, Water Meter Boxes. Valve Boxes, Service Boxes, Surface Boxes, Curb Boxes. Bollards, Counterweights. Agricultural Castings, Industrial Castings, Tree Grates, Ornamental Castings and Fabricated Steel products.


Teekay Couplings have been used for water applications around the world for over four decades.

More than 15,000 product options, exporting to more than 85 countries


Specialised in elastomer products and is renowned among its customers worldwide as a competent problem solver and supplier aiming to:

Provide tailor-made solutions

High product quality through own development of know-how